WYPIN is celebrating National Youth Week by creating a colloborative podcast sharing the stories of 14 young people. This will be launched at Phoenix Youth Centre on Wednesday 09 April 2014.


We're All On The Same Team (WAOTST) - WYPIN supports Sports Without Borders' approach to combating racism. Check out the video here.

African Media Australia is the online TV platform set up to showcase a more positive image of African-Australians. Check it out here

Online Hate Prevention Institute - working to prevent, mitigate and respond to online hate. Check it out here.










The Western Young People's Independent Network (WYPIN) is a youth-led organisation comprised of young people of diverse backgrounds based in the western region of Melbourne. WYPIN's Committee of Management is comprised of 12-25 year old young people. At its core, WYPIN is a youth empowerment, youth advocacy group. 


WYPIN exists to achieve our vision of an inclusive multicultural society. However, WYPIN is demonstrative of a wider, more fundamental civic principle: youth participation. 


WYPIN is auspiced by Melbourne City Mission.



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WYPIN Annual Report 2012-13 



Challenging Racism: A Guide for Young People